Fitness Results
Fitness Results
Why Losing Weight Isn't Enough

When you lose weight, the scale and your clothes size will change, but you may not be improving your Body Mass Index (BMI), the percentage of your total body weight that is fat. And BMI is a much better measure of overall health and fitness than the scale.

Here's what happens when you lose weight without simultaneously training: weight loss is made up of equal parts of fat and muscle. If you are not in a weight training program, you will not maintain muscle and at the end of weight loss, your body can actually have a higher percentage of fat than before the weight loss. Since this can happen over and over in your lifetime, when you consciously lose pounds without weight training, you can literally diet yourself into obesity .

So how do you change the process of losing equal amounts of muscle and fat? By stimulating muscle development with resistance weight training . Weight training has two benefits: not only will your body fat percentage begin to decrease, but the extra muscle you build continually burns calories, which increases your metabolic rate and helps you keep unwanted weight off.

At Fitness Results we emphasize improved BMI with a carefully prescribed, low-key program of weight training, aerobics and nutrition. If you've been frustrated with the results of programs you've tried in the past, we can guarantee that your experience at Fitness Results will be different. Work with us and watch your body finally respond.
What You Should Eat and Why Diets Don't Work

You may already have discovered: diets don't work. Diets deny you the food you enjoy and can cause significant vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Worse, when you stop dieting (which always happens since they're not sustainable as a normal routine) you may gain back all the weight you lost. Within a short time after ending the diet, you weigh more and you feel a sense of defeat.

Losing weight is simple mathematics. For every 3500 calories "saved" by taking in fewer calories than you need to sustain your weight, you lose one pound. Save 500 calories per day, every day, and you'll lose one pound per week. When you simultaneously decrease your caloric intake and increase the number of calories required to maintain your weight, you can "save" 3500 calories even faster.

We've all heard the advice
to eat more fruits, whole grains and vegetables for good nutrition. But did you know that those fibrous foods can also help you be satisfied with a lower daily calorie count? In fact, consuming about fourteen grams of dietary fiber a day could result in a 5-pound weight loss in 4 months. Dietary fiber increases satiety (the feeling of fullness) and thus reduces the desire for other calorie intake.

Protein-rich foods (chicken, fish, eggs) will also make you feel full and satisfied for longer periods certainly longer than carbohydrates such as pasta and bread. So eating a balanced diet of sufficient protein and fibrous foods will help you control hunger and calorie intake.

At Fitness Results, our nutrition counseling begins with education on the right balance of your daily intake of protein, fibrous foods and fat. (Surprised? Fat is actually necessary for a balanced diet.) We'll help you determine portion sizes appropriate to your daily target caloric intake, and provide you with a list of common foods that includes nutritional content (the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat in a portion). With this information, you'll be able to choose the foods you like best and won't be bound by an unsustainable diet. That in turn will lead to a permanent change in what you eat and allow you to maintain your weight goal for life.


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