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Fitness Results




"As a long time fitness and training aficionado I know well the benefits of strength and cardiovascular training. I have also come to understand that the benefits of such training can best be realized through a personalized program that matches the individual and their specific goals. Although I had attained a satisfactory level of fitness over the years through a process of "trial and error” in the gym, I finally grasped the full benefit of a comprehensive training routine, developed by a professional, specifically for my physiology and unique objectives when I met Lance McCullough in December of 2007.

After several evaluation sessions Lance developed a training and nutrition program that quickly resulted in some very substantial improvements. Having always been a "hard-gainer” I was thrilled to gain 23 lbs of muscle and drop my body fat to less than 16% in about 4 months. Since then I have gained another 15 lbs of muscle and maintained my body fat at about 14%. As you might imagine quite a few of my friends and colleagues noticed my progress and inquired about the secret to my recent success. I pointed them directly to Lance and fitness results. Many of them now have success stories of their own.

During 2008 our engineering company in North Pomona began considering the implementation of a fitness facility for our 250 employees. Although we knew the myriad of benefits associated with physical fitness for our employees, we were not at all prepared to design and construct the facility let alone train the employees in the safe ways to use fitness equipment and attain the benefits of their training.

To be quite honest during this period I was advocating the use of an off-site fitness facility such as Fitness Results, however we eventually decided to construct an on-site facility of about 3000 square feet for our employee’s convenience. Knowing our lack of expertise in such an endeavor and given my successful collaboration with Fitness Results we contracted with Lance to design the facility, select the equipment and provide initial training for all our interested employees. The facility has been operating now for nearly a year and its success has been phenomenal.

The benefits of physical fitness to individual and corporate wellness have been well documented but to see them among your co-workers, and within your organization is incredibly fulfilling. Whether you are considering developing a fitness facility for your organization or contracting for a corporate membership for your employees I would give Lance McCullough and Fitness Results my highest personal and professional recommendation.”

Gary R. Stewart - B&B Director, Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation



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"The benefits of Wellness Results have been remarkable. In my line of work, on the job injuries are quite common and it was important to me to decrease this number. Wellness Results did just that. They catered to each individual needs, providing a nutritional and training program that is highly affective. By using Wellness Results not only have I seen the physical health and focus improvement in my employees, but I have seen a significant decrease in sick days, on the job injuries, and overall health care costs. Wellness Results is the right choice for a holistic approach to fitness that benefits you, the individual, as well as your company."

Frank Smith, President of Frank Smith Masonry 


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